A Great Father’s Day

This has been a great Father’s Day! My wife and son made a special delicious breakfast for me. Gave me a card, along with hugs and kisses. I feel special!!!

I have been out of work for….. well to long actually. My wife has been the one with the full time employment, while I do side jobs when I can find them. So being the stay-at-home dad has been quite a change for me. I do love being able to be around my son so much more. He is growing up so fast!

The downside of this situation for me is that I get to do things I don’t enjoy. Like cooking, vacuuming the house, washing dishes, house maintenance, grocery shopping, and so many other things I never imagined myself doing. I have been surprised at the intense loneliness that I have felt at times. Am I the only one this is happening to? Why me? What can I do? How do I change this situation?

So I ask myself “How can I help other Dads out there who are in the same situation”. The stats are showing that there are quite a few in similar circumstances.

This blog is about the journey of all us out of work dads. I would like to make this a place where we can learn to fill the roll we have been put into by our circumstances, while we take action for our comeback. Whether it be a similar job we had before, or trying out something entirely new.

I want to thank all you this Father’s Day for being the best Dad for your kids! They need us!

I ran across this song recently and wanted to share it all with you. I really like it, hope you do too.